Project Description

Recycle and donate to your favourite charity

You can help the environment and give back to your community at the same time, simply by recycling and by selecting to donate some (or all) of your 10c refunds to a charity, school a sports club or a community group.  Charity Donations are available if you’d like to pay your refund forward.

Give back with a touch of your finger

On-Screen Donations (NSW/NT)

  1. Return your containers into the Reverse Vending Machine
  2. When you’ve finished press “Donate”
  3. Select your preferred charity partner directly on the touch screen – the refund will go directly to the charity of your choice


  1. Select the Charities menu item in the myTOMRA App
  2. Use the search to find the charity/campaign you want to donate towards
  3. Once you have decided on a charity, select “Set as Payout”
  4. Once you have set up your payout method, scan your myTOMRA App barcode at the RVM to begin your session. Your refund will go directly to the charity you have chosen.

Containers For Change Scheme ID (QLD/WA)

  1. Get the scheme ID barcode from your charity of choice.
  2. Scan the Scheme ID barcode of the charity you’d like to donate to at the Reverse Vending Machine before you start your session. The scanner is on the bottom-right of an RVM.
  3. Insert your containers
  4. Select Payout on the screen when you’re done – the charity will get their refund directly.

Our current appeal – Containers 4 Kids

Every minute of every day a child is admitted to hospital in Australia.

In that moment, they often receive a diagnosis that turns their world upside down. Suddenly, smiles disappear, and life is filled with feelings of isolation and loneliness.

To combat this, TOMRA and Cleanaway are launching a nationwide appeal for Aussies to turn their empty drink containers into smiles and support, bringing happiness to up to 6,000 sick kids like Aru and their families.