Project Description

The Return and Earn App

From the 5th April, the myTOMRA app will become the new Return and Earn app in NSW! You can download the new Return and Earn app by clicking here. If you’re an existing myTOMRA user, you can log in using your existing credentials. If you’re a new user, you can register within the app. For more information visit the website.


Frequently Asked Questions

You can withdraw your refund to a PayPal account, transfer it to a Bank Account, donate to a charity campaign of your choice or opt for a digital voucher to redeem as cash at participating retailers. Please note, digital vouchers are only available at selected locations.

Before you begin returning your containers, scan your barcode from the app home screen at the RVM, return your containers and once complete select ‘Transfer’. Your return will appear on the refunds page of your Return and Earn profile within seconds and paid to you through your chosen active payout.

Currently digital refunds through the Return and Earn app are only available at Reverse Vending Machines. Later this year, you will be able to use the Return and Earn app at all return points in NSW to receive a digital refund.

Your active payout will default to a digital voucher unless you link a PayPal account, a bank account or select a charity campaign. To change this, click on your current active payout on the Home page and you will see a list of your previously used payout methods. Select ‘Edit Payout’ to view the full list of payout methods. Select the active payout you want to change to and follow the instructions. If your active payout is set as digital voucher and you recycle at a return point where digital vouchers are not available, you will need to set your payout to PayPal or Bank Transfer to withdraw your refund.

Direct bank transfers can be made to 60+ banks/institutions across Australia. If your bank/institution is not listed on the dropdown menu, unfortunately we cannot process your refund via bank transfer. As an alternative, you could link your bank/institution to a PayPal account and set your active payout as PayPal.

The Return and Earn app will remember your preferred PayPal and bank account details so you can easily switch between payout methods. If you would like the app to forget your details, select your active payout from the home screen, then select ‘Edit Payout’. Click on either PayPal or Bank Transfer then select ‘Delete saved account’.

Digital vouchers are available at return points that offer a retail cash voucher for Coles or Woolworths only.

Both digital vouchers and printed vouchers are valid for three (3) years from the date of issue stated on the voucher. If you encounter issues, please contact customer service to get your refunds.

Your available balance is the sum of any refunds in your Return and Earn app that have not yet been paid to you. If you have your active payout set as digital voucher but recycle at a return point where digital vouchers are not available, the value of this return will be added to your available balance. Your available balance also includes the value of any unused digital vouchers. To withdraw your available balance, you can either use your digital vouchers at the corresponding supermarket or set your active payout to Bank Transfer or PayPal.

If you have any more questions please contact our customer service team at and they will be able to assist further.